Watershed Modeler    Geospatial  + Data Scientist

Dr. Lorrayne Miralha

Postdoctoral Scholar at Oregon State University

As a Postdoctoral Scholar  in the Department of Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management at Oregon State University (OSU), Lorrayne has been working on understanding the effectiveness of riparian practices on stream ecosystems. Specifically, her current research aims to investigate how different forest management practices associated with riparian areas influence water quantity, quality, and stream metabolism in headwater streams in the northern California.

Lorrayne's Research focus on water quality and environmental modeling. Throughout her academic career, she has investigated spatial patterns associated with water quality variables, explored environmental concerns linked to excess nutrients from highly agricultural regions in the United States, principally in the Great Lakes region, and developed Deep Learning approaches able to map agricultural sources of pollution in the US. 

Her skills involve hydrological modeling, spatial-temporal analysis, machine learning, remote sensing, and GIS. Lorrayne is a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Arizona State University. She earned a Master's in Physical Geography from the University of Kentucky and a Bachelor's degree in Forest Engineering from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro together with an exchange program of 1 year and 6 months at Oregon State University. Her goals are to develop research that may guide environmental policymakers and modelers to investigate and implement solutions that result in optimal sustainable outcomes.

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